Integration Benefits

  • Increase Contact Rates
  • Enhance Interactions
  • Improve Conversions
  • Automate Manual Processes
  • Record All Interactions
  • Streamline Customer Service
  • Increase Client Retention
  • Improve Lead-to-Call
  • Enhance User Efficiency
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3CLogic and Salesforce Integration

Give your CRM a Voice

You have customers. Let’s get to know them.

Client Data Preview

In today’s world in which expectations are high and patience short, the need for reps to be prepared has never been more important. With the 3CLogic – Salesforce integration, client records will automatically be displayed prior to any incoming call or outbound campaign, allowing representatives to immediately view all relevant customer data to increase first call resolutions or improve every sales and marketing opportunity.

Status Sync

The 3CLogic and Salesforce integration provides your reps with our unique status sync feature, automatically updating client information to reflect any changes made in either solution. Ensure your reps are always working with the most up-to-date client records, remove the need to update multiple systems, mitigate data entry errors, while allowing for more efficient use of your reps time.

Single User Interface

Rather than forcing your reps to manage multiple systems and screens, 3CLogic’s integration embeds Salesforce within its solution and removes the hassle of working with disparate software. Reps can seamlessly login to both systems within one user interface, setting the stage for an enhanced workplace without the increased workload.


Contact any Salesforce client directly from your CRM record with the simple click of a button, saving your reps valuable time between calls, removing dialing errors, and meeting your customers’ needs sooner. With our integration, everything is at your reps fingertips.

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