No one can predict the future. But you can plan for it.

Without useful insight into your contact center, planning for the future can be a real challenge. With 3CLogic’s advanced contact center reporting and business intelligence engine, the ability to monitor your customer service representatives' activities, campaign performance, and other KPIs has never been easier. Uncover growth opportunities, improve sales campaigns, and enhance customer relationships with the right tools to guide your next move.

Knowledge is power.

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Gain Actionable Intelligence

Real-Time Reporting

Make sure every decision within your contact center is predicated on current and actionable data with real-time statistics, key performance indicators, and business analytics. Guide your supervisors to effectively respond to changes in market trends and customer expectations with the ability to monitor rep performance, sales and marketing campaigns, and your overall daily contact center activities.


Actionable Intelligence

Effortlessly keep your data front and center and your supervisors informed. With automatically generated reports sent directly to you and your management team, ensure that everyone is on the same page, addressing the most relevant challenges facing your contact center and striving towards the same goals.

Customizable Reporting

Every contact center is different, so why restrict yourself to standard reports. With 3CLogic’s powerful reporting framework, customize, filter, and drill-down into the data points that matter most, with our easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. Forget complex and time-consuming excel spreadsheets, and focus on the most relevant information fueling your business.


Graphs and Statistics

A picture says a thousand words. Quickly convert reports, metrics, and performance into easy to interpret and presentable visual graphs and statistics. Highlight and focus on key areas and results and facilitate any discussion on current successes and failures.


The contact center space is changing.

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