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As one of the most reliable customer service channels, voice is uniquely positioned to solve a variety of customer needs, no matter the complexity or urgency. 

Not every incoming phone call, however, warrants the attention of a live agent. With 3CLogic’s Voice-Enabled Self-Service features and capabilities, contact center managers can design call flows to direct customers toward self-service for simple requests like resetting passwords or checking the status of an order. 

3CLogic integrates with your CRM or cloud service platform and leverages 3rd party voice bots, such as Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) and or Amazon Lex Bots, so self-service interactions are intelligently informed by existing customer data, offering every caller a personalized experience.


Automate Issue Resolution With Conversational Self-Service

Through a self-service call flow, your customers will enjoy a faster time to resolution and your agents can focus  their efforts on engagements that truly need their expertise, saving your enterprise time and money.

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Personalized Journey

Create Personalized Customer Journeys With Self-Service

3CLogic’s self-service features proactively offer callers the information they’re looking for using pre-existing data stored in your CRM. Callers no longer have to wait on hold or connect with an agent. Data from the interaction is also automatically documented in your system of record, improving the quality and efficiency of future calls with the customer.

Password Reset

Provide Self-Service Password Reset Options

3CLogic can trigger a password reset process once it has verified the caller against known details in their system of record, which can be sent via SMS text or voice channels. Once the process is complete, 3CLogic creates and closes the request ticket for future reference.

Deflect Calls

Deflect Calls With Automated Notifications

Create automated notifications that enable customers to track the progress of their tickets without having to call. 3CLogic users can create a ticket in their system of record, such as ServiceNow, that can be conveniently sent to the customer via SMS link.


Automate Case Updates

Save time for your customers and your call center agents. 3CLogic’s built-in NLU and ASR capabilities allow customers to call in and create or update a ticket via voice self-service without ever having to speak to an agent.

Talk the talk with voice technology

3CLogic offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Text to Speech (TTS), and Speech to Text (STT) to enable advanced conversational and lifelike voice workflows. Serve customers faster and more efficiently with the latest voice technology.

Talk Voice Technology

Human Like Experience

Build Human-like Experiences

3CLogic Virtual Agent designer leverages Google Dialogflow — the same deep learning technology that powers Google Home — to determine customer intent and extract complex entities using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Process owners can build applications with sophisticated, conversational voice bots for a highly engaging user experience.

Simplify Conversation

Simplify Complex Conversations

Natural Language Processing drastically simplifies and condenses long, complex call flows and menus. Callers can easily describe the purpose of their call and navigate through the flow with responsive voice prompts to get the information they need.

Business Outcome

Improve Business Outcomes

Increase customer retention and the likelihood of upsell opportunities. With advanced self-service voice solutions available 24/7, customers are able to engage even more with your business and rely on your team as a trusted partner.

Customer Experience

Redefine the Customer Experience

Increase customer satisfaction and your Net Promoter Score by offering personalized, human-like experiences around the clock. Even when a human agent is not available, customers can get answers via simple voice navigation to quickly resolve common issues.

Contact Center

Let the voice bots do the legwork

3CLogic leverages 3rd party bots such as Google Contact Center AI and Amazon Polly in order to maximize your agents’ time. By deflecting simple, repetitive inquiries to voice self-service solutions, agents can focus on more complex and specialized customer interactions, without impacting the customer experience.

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Google Contact Center AI

Access artificial intelligence capabilities in 3CLogic through Google CCAI to enable human-like conversations and processing all within one platform.

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Amazon Polly

Deep learning technologies are now available in your cloud contact center with Amazon Polly. It turns text into lifelike speech and synthesizes the natural sound of a human voice so your customers receive an empathetic experience when using self-service.

Improve Self-Service Workflows with AI Transcriptions, Analytics, and Automated Alerts

3CLogic offers comprehensive reporting and analytics for your entire contact center. Gain actionable insight into the efficiency of your self-service call flows and customer service interactions with 3CLogic’s robust Speech Analytics.

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Automated SMS

Send Automated SMS Alerts

Trigger automated SMS alerts and notifications as well as post-interaction surveys based on self-service workflows, CRM statuses, or call disposition codes from one platform. The CRM records statuses, or pre-defined business workflows directly from your primary system of record.



Keep A Pulse On CX Performance

With 3Clogic, call center supervisors can easily audit calls, provide agent feedback, and ensure compliance across their teams. Automate response actions by utilizing the ServiceNow workflow engine enriched with caller analytics. Easily add coaching comments or notes in a call for an agent to reference. Set up automated oversight processes to monitor for issues like mandatory disclosures and hold time violations

Transcript Emails

Generate Voicemail Transcriptions

Save the trouble of having to monitor and manage a voicemail inbox. With 3CLogic, voicemails are transcribed automatically, then uploaded as a case or ticket in your system of record, and quickly routed to the appropriate agent or team.

Measure Sentiment

Measure Customer Sentiment with SpeechNLP and AI

Easily assess customer experience after every call with machine learning analysis of customer interactions. With 3CLogic, you can detect customer mentions, tone, shifts in conversation topics, and anomalies for thousands of calls then automatically receive reports on what needs to be improved.

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See 3CLogic in action

Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to accelerate their digital transformation.

3CLogic is transforming the customer service experience

“Our organization recently transitioned from our legacy IVR/call taking/ticketing platform to 3CLogic and ServiceNow, and I've been thrilled with all aspects of the 3C transition. The solution itself is both powerful and intuitive - I was able to spin up an IVR in a second language in just a couple hours, without coding expertise.”

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