Power your contact center with a solution that works just as hard as you do.


Transform into a Multichannel Contact Center

  • Multiple Channels, One Contact Center: Equip your team to service clients through voice, email, chat, and social media—from a single platform.
  • Enable Self-Service: Service Enable customers to self-service their own needs using intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities.

Intelligently Route Customer Inquiries

  • Build Customizable IVR Menus: Easily design robust IVR menus with a simple click, drag-and-drop, custom prompts, and predetermined agent skill groups.
  • Efficiently Manage High Call Volume: Update customers on their wait-time or position in queue, and offer “call-back” options.
  • Automatically Distribute Calls: Immediately direct each customer to the most qualified individual based on pre-set agent skills, priorities, and needs.

Integrate the Agent Desktop

  • Third-Party Integrations: Drastically enhance agent efficiencies by integrating your CRM, Customer Service management, or homegrown solution with 3CLogic’s cloud contact center software.
  • Screen-Pop Client Records: Automatically populate agent screens with all relevant client records and previous interactions for every inbound or outbound call.
  • Click-to-call: Turn every phone number stored in your database management solution into a convenient click-to-call button.
  • Sync Call Information: Automatically post all call details, notes, and recordings to each customer’s CRM or database management record.

Accelerate Outbound Efforts

  • Local Presence Dialing: Automatically reach leads and prospects from their own local area code, drastically enhancing contact rates.
  • Automate Outbound Dialing Efforts: Benefit from a large variety of automated outbound dialers, including predictive, progressive, preview, and power, in addition to TCPA dialing modes.
  • Enhance Lead-to-Call: Quickly and efficiently respond to leads and prospects from any source while they are hot, and enhance the likelihood of a successful close.

Quality Assurance Made Simple

  • Dynamic Scripting Engine: Easily build custom scripts and mandate the collection of certain fields to guide agents through any scenario.
  • Supervisory Dashboard: Monitor all agent activities, including who is logged in, on a call, wrapping up a call, and more, from a single dashboard.
  • Silent Monitor and Assist: Virtually monitor all interactions, whisper suggestions, or barge-in to customer interactions when more assistance is required.
  • Record and Document all Communications: Automatically record and track call details for quality and training purposes.

Gain Actionable Business Intelligence

Robust Reporting Engine: Quickly build custom reports with a simple click, drag, and drop, highlighting the KPIs and metrics most important to your contact center, and program them to be sent automatically to key management staff.
3CLogic Reporting

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