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In today’s data-driven and on demand economy, success depends on an organization’s ability to anticipate the needs of its customers. With 3CLogic, leverage known customer details to create personalized experiences and outcomes. Take customer experience to the next level with its full suite
of features such as integrated computer telephony (CTI), configurable IVR designer, sentiment analysis, advanced autodialing capabilities, or deep reporting & analytics - all on a single enterprise-grade platform designed to compliment your CRM or primary system of record while ensuring the highest level of quality, reliability, and scalability.

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Cloud Contact Center Features

3CLogic's cloud Contact Center platform combines all the modern features and capabilities required to deliver exceptional customer experiences including: ACD, IVR, CTI, screen-pop, speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, reporting, etc. From customer journey management and design to robust analytics and reporting - everything you need to drive higher CSAT scores and employee satisfaction.
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Next Generation Deployment Options

Regardless of where you find yourself in your cloud adoption strategy, enjoy immediate benefits thanks to 3CLogic’s various cloud deployment options designed to offer you the flexibility you need today while preparing for tomorrow.
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Round the Clock Customer Support

At 3CLogic, benefit from a non-tiered support structure in which everyone has access to live agents, 24x7x365  - we don’t sleep so that you can.
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Why 3CLogic?

Technology moves fast, but we move faster. 3CLogic’s Contact Center solutions are designed to boost your enterprise to the forefront and keep you there, all while allowing your employees to focus on the most important goal…providing an exceptional customer experience..
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“3CLogic's speed-to-call and lead nurturing, advanced blended Call Center capabilities, easy and fast infrastructure deployment, and enhanced flexibility to meet evolving business processes made their product the best choice for us.”
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