Integration Features

  • Forecast your agents in minutes to meet demands

  • Proactively adjust agent schedules based on skills 

  • Track agent adherence throughout the day to maintain service levels

  • Easily report and analyze agent activity

  • Complement Back-Office Insights with Business Intelligence
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Boost Your Contact Center Efficiency. Elevate Your Customer Experience. 

What’s the perfect workforce without the right communication?

Quality Performance Monitoring

Transform your contact center performance from a reactive to a proactive approach. With 3CLogic’s Monet integration, provide supervisors with the ability to monitor and evaluate agent performance in real-time using KPIs, recordings, dashboards and customizable reports.

Forecasting and Scheduling

Eliminate guessing when it comes to staffing requirements. Using agent traffic reports derived directly from your contact center, 3CLogic and Monet enable supervisors to forecast and set schedules to always have the right number of agents (with the necessary skills) taking care of your customers every hour, every day.

Real-Time Adherence

Monitoring agent adherence in real time is vital to your contact center. 3CLogic and Monet WFM continuously monitor and record the real-time status of your workforce showing those agents who are on the phone and those who are not, so quick corrective action can be taken to streamline workflow processes.

Rapid Deployment & Adoption

The 3CLogic and Monet integration is deployed in the cloud, avoiding large upfront investments, and time consuming and expensive on-premise software implementation projects. As true cloud solutions, they are secure, scalable, flexible, and reliable.

Service Level Adherence

With 3CLogic’s powerful monitoring tools, ensure your contact center remains in line with established internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Lesson Management

With the 3CLogic-Monet integration, continuously improve workforce performance with structured training management tools.

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