3CLogic Integration with ServiceNow

Operate your call center from a single platform to offer fluid customer engagements
and support with 3CLogic’s seamlessly-integrated enterprise solution for ServiceNow.

Empower Agents to Work More Effectively and Efficiently 

Through a fully-unified agent and administrator experience in ServiceNow,
your contact center team is empowered with all controls at their fingertips.


SN_Bullet1Integrated CTI

With 3CLogic’s fully integrated agent CTI interface, easily manage agent inbound and outbound calling activity for a complete end-to-end engagement experience. 

  • Streamline customer interactions
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
  • Optimize resources
  • Automate manual processes

SN_Bullet2Convenient Click-to-Call

Convert every phone number in ServiceNow into a convenient option for agents to easily make calls.  

  • Simplify direct client outreach
  • Drive efficiency by removing manual dialing
  • Eliminate dialing errors and boost calling accuracy

SN_Bullet3Automated Call Logging

Eliminate manual work with automatic logging of all customer engagements directly into ServiceNow. Capture inbound and outbound call recording, screen recording, time/date, outcome, agent details and more.

  • Shorten wrap-up time
  • Ensure accurate ServiceNow data entry
  • Enable consolidated reporting 
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Enjoy a fully-embedded Administrative Experience

Build an end-to-end communication workflow and customized customer journey to match your business objectives without ever leaving ServiceNow!

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ServiceNow Administrative Experience.png

Seamless User Configuration

Easily assign existing ServiceNow users to any call center project or queue from a single portal. Add or remove agents as needed to match changes in call volume while managing agent specific details, projects and notifications from a single administrative point.

Native Contact Center Portal

Control the entire customer experience for your IT Helpdesk (ITSM), Customer Support Team (CSM), or HR department (HR) with a complete call center platform. Manage your Call Fields, IVRs, Queues, Contact Numbers, Disposition Codes, Agents, and custom settings without leaving ServiceNow.

Enhanced Routing Options

Build the ideal customer journey without technical assistance with our Integration Designer Tool. Map 3CLogic objects to familiar ServiceNow labels, making it easy to configure Triggers and Matching Rules, creating meaningful workflows that put screen-pops, record creation, client routing logic and more into action. 

Customizable Result Codes

Define Result Codes that match your business lingo to log the outcome of every engagement to trigger and automated next step workflows and processes. Save agents time while removing the opportunity for human error and enhancing data accuracy within ServiceNow.

Advanced Reports & Dashboards

Access call metrics and KPI's in flexible and consolidated reports and dashboards to help measure and evaluate performance. Build customized reports based on your workforce metrics and automatically share across teams to ensure a unified effort toward achieving business goals.