Integration Features

  • Click-to-Call
  • Rate Customer Sentiment
  • View Complete Conversation History
  • Take Notes for Future Reference
  • Manage Multiple Social Profiles
  • Turn Mentions Into Zendesk Tickets
  • Add Tags for Advanced Analytics
  • Set the Disposition/Status
  • Assign to Another Agent
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3CLogic and HelpSocial Integration

Be Helpful—Be Social

Your customers are on social media. So service them on social media.

Multichannel Communications Platform

Easily manage all communication channels (social media, voice, email, text, chat), customer information, and historic interactions directly from the 3CLogic interface, enabling your agents to conveniently reach customers through their preferred channel.

Simple User Workspace

From a single dashboard, monitor all mentions and relevant posts about your company, receive alerts on mission critical posts, and claim or assign posts to be quickly handled by agents, ensuring every social media mention can be easily monitored and addressed. Coupled with collision prevention, ensure each post is handled by only one agent to prevent the duplication of efforts.

Understand Who You’re Interacting With

Easily link social media profiles to customers in your system of record and automatically identify who is tweeting or mentioning your company in posts, view historic interactions, and enable representatives to easily follow up using any form of communication (social media, voice, email, text, chat).

Automatically Route Posts to Appropriate Agent

Using pre-determined keywords or previous interactions, automatically direct consumer posts to the agent best fit to respond (the appropriate department, agent who last worked with that customer), ensuring the efficient use of resources and a seamless customer experience.

Screen Pop with Advanced Controls

Automatically populate agent screens with the customer post, customer information, and previous interactions, ensuring representatives are well informed on client specific details prior to responding. In addition to basic social functions such as replying, favoriting and resharing, agents will have easy access to a number of advanced features and functionality from a single window

Real-Time Social Reporting

Using advanced reporting and analytics tools, easily monitor activity counts through each social channel, access sentiment conversion reports, identify top performing posts, tune-into top social influencers, and more to ensure your business is well-informed and proactive with its social customers.

Prioritize Consumer Posts

Based on predetermined rules (tone/sentiment of post, customer making the post, criticality of post etc.), automatically prioritize customer posts to ensure more urgent matters are addressed first, and through the appropriate channel.

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