Integration Features

  • Click-to-Call
  • Rate Customer Sentiment
  • View Complete Conversation History
  • Take Notes for Future Reference
  • Manage Multiple Social Profiles
  • Turn Mentions Into Zendesk Tickets
  • Add Tags for Advanced Analytics
  • Set the Disposition/Status
  • Assign to Another Agent
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3CLogic and Envision Integration

Optimize Your Contact Center

Take your agents' performance to a whole new level.

Fast and Easy Deployment

The 3CLogic and Envision integration is deployed in the cloud, removing the need to invest in expensive on-premise infrastructure (no hardware, SQL servers, CTI links, or 3rd party costs) while allowing users to benefit from fast and easy deployment, unparalleled reliability and scalability, and a pay-per-use business model.

Coach Agents with Ease

Easily attach notes to any call recording or transcription, leave recorded messages for agents, and send back for their review to ensure all representatives are operating at their peak performance. Recordings can also be added to e-learning library for more effective agent training.

Track Trending Customer Needs

Using advanced speech analytics technology, quickly identify contact center trends, understand the root cause of why customers are calling, and gauge agents’ effectiveness so any reoccurring issues can be quickly identified and addressed.

Record and Quickly Access all Interactions

Automatically record every interaction (voice, screen cast, email, web chat) and generate transcriptions of every call so any trends or problems can be quickly understood and resolved.

Gain Actionable Intelligence

Gain access to real-time reports highlighting agent performance and dive down into their activities through live monitoring and recordings to get to the root of any reoccurring problems.

Guide Agents in Real-Time

Virtually monitor every interaction, whisper suggestions to agents, and barge into a conversation when necessary to ensure every customer interaction runs smoothly.

Conduct Customer Surveys

Automatically direct callers to evaluation forms or IVR surveys once a call is complete to gain greater insight into customer satisfaction and agent performance.

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