First Call Resolutions for your Contact Center

Today's customers aren't known for their patience. So why test it?

Despite customer satisfaction ratings dramatically dropping when two or more interactions are required to address the same issue, today 32% of incoming customer inquiries and concerns are still not resolved the first go-around. With 3CLogic, grant your contact center the features and flexibility to solve client inquiries on the first try while reducing employee turnover, increasing customer retention, and improving your bottom-line.

First Call Resolution Solutions

  • Self-Service Capabilities
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Advanced Third-Party Integrations
  • Virtual Training and Coaching Tools
  • Advanced Reporting Engine
  • Queue Call-Back Capabilities
  • Dynamic Scripting Engine
  • Last Agent Routing
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First Call Resolution Solutions

Right Answer - First Try

Enable Self-Service

Today, an astounding 67% of consumers prefer self-service over speaking to a live representative. By linking 3CLogic’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution to your database management platform (home-grown, CRM, Customer Service Management), give your clients the ability to quickly self-service their own needs (view account balance, check order status, cancel an account, change an order, etc.), freeing your reps to address more pressing initiatives while ensuring the fast resolution of their problem or inquiry. Learn More

Immediate Access to Client Information

Sixty percent of low first call resolutions are caused by an agent’s inability to quickly gather client details during an interaction. But by integrating 3CLogic’s advanced telephony platform with your database management solution (CRM, customer service management, Ticketing, etc.), automatically populate agent screens with all relevant client details the moment an interaction begins, enhancing a rep’s ability to understand a customer’s specific needs and quickly resolve them.

Call Trends Analysis

Without useful insight into your contact center and agent performance, determining the root cause of low first call resolutions can be a challenge. But with 3CLogic’s advanced Athena Reporting tool, quickly turn your call center data into useful reports, graphs, statistics, and KPIs with a simple click, drag, and drop, to gain the actionable insights needed to understand strengths and weaknesses, and improve first contact resolutions. Learn More

Direct Customers to the Right Place

One out of every four customers reports being routed from one agent to another without any resolution of their problem or inquiry—not exactly a recipe for high first call resolution rates. But by utilizing 3CLogic’s advanced IVR, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and skills-based routing tools, efficiently gather client information prior to an interaction and automatically route customers to the individual most qualified to address their needs, increasing the odds of their issue getting resolved on the first call.

Guide Agents with Ease

For the bulk of contact centers, a large percentage of repeat calls are process or training driven. But by using 3CLogic’s advanced training and coaching tools, give your supervisors the ability to virtually monitor calls and whisper suggestions to agents, create dynamic scripts for agents to follow during every interaction, or barge-in to a conversation when agents are unable to fulfill customer requests, mitigating the risk of customer needs going unaddressed. Learn More

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