Progressive Dialer

With 3CLogic’s advanced Progressive Dialer powering your contact center, automatically initiate contact with prospects only once an agent has finalized the prior interaction, mitigating the risk that a call is answered without an agent present, while improving connection rates. Get in front of more prospects—faster.

3CLogic's Progressive Dialer Features

Less dropped calls. More chances to get in front of prospects.
  • Inbound and Outbound Blending
  • Dial Plan
  • TCPA-Friendly Dialing Mode
  • CRM Integration
  • Speed-to-call
  • Local Presence Dialing
  • Unlimited Designated Lines
  • Alternative Dialer Options
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3CLogic's Progressive Dialer

Reach Your Target Audience

Maximize Talk-Time:

3CLogic’s Progressive Dialer analyses the contact center’s connection rate and automatically dials the appropriate number of next prospects, while filtering out answering machines, faxes, and invalid numbers to connect reps with only the most qualified prospects, faster.

Lead Preview Pop:

Automatically populate agent screens with each client’s CRM or account records the moment a call is connected, removing the need for reps to toggle between separate systems and screens during an interaction.

Local Presence Dialing:

Automatically adjust caller IDs and area codes based on each prospects unique location, enhancing each agent’s odds of successfully reaching prospects.

Sync Call Records:

Automatically sync all call details (time, date, result, agent who handled call), call recordings, screen captures, and call notes to a customer’s CRM record, ensuring agents are always working with the most up-to-date information, while facilitating compliance with industry standards.

Customizable Dial Plan:

Set-up your dial plan any way you wish, to meet any unique business requirements. Automatically contact leads through an alternate number in the event they cannot be reached, assign agents to multiple inbound or outbound campaigns, set call restrictions based on time, date, or client, and much more.

Alternative Dialer Options:

Every contact center is unique, as are their needs. Enjoy a number of Dialing options, including Predictive, Progressive, Preview, and TCPA-Mode in addition to Preview, to enhance your business’ odds of successfully getting in front of its target audience.

Alternative Outbound Dialer Solutions

Alternative Outbound Dialer Solutions

Preview Dialer:

In some instances, certain outbound initiatives may require more preparation in between calls. For any given lead list, enable agents to preview prospect information before initiating the next call. Learn More

Power Dialer:

Optimize an agent’s performance while increasing the likelihood of reaching or exceeding sales targets. Using fixed call ratios, dial a pre-set number of leads immediately following an agent’s availability and leave recorded messages in the event a prospect is unavailable. Learn More

Predictive Dialer:

Using statistical algorithms, 3CLogic’s predictive dialer automatically contacts leads while agents are busy finalizing calls, minimizing the time spent between interactions and improving productivity.

Learn More

Opt-in Campaigns:

Enhance the success of agent-less outbound campaigns with the ability to offer contacted leads the option to speak with a live agent or representative at the point of contact.

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