Remote Agents

Your contact center. Anytime. Anywhere.

With an estimated 60% of contact centers utilizing virtual agents in some capacity, employing remote agents is fast becoming the new standard.

Enable your business to easily set-up remote agents in any location, reduce costs, and enhance productivity without sacrificing quality using 3CLogic’s complete contact center solutions.

Get your agents online, and your contact center in business.

Enabling a Remote Workforce

  • Cloud-Based Virtual Contact Center Platform (VoIP)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Virtual Monitor and Assist
  • Dynamic IRIS Scripting Engine
  • Real-Time Supervisor Dashboard
  • Athena Reporting Engine
  • Quality Assurance/Compliance Features (TCPA, PCI)
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Enabling a Remote Workforce

Workforce Flexibility

Simple Set-Up and Maintenance

As a cloud solution, 3CLogic’s Virtual Contact Center platform removes the hassle of maintaining expensive and outdated on-premise telephony equipment, giving users the ability to access their contact center operations from any location with Internet, a desktop or PC, and a headset—it’s that simple.

Virtual Training and Coaching

With 3CLogic’s virtual contact center platform, give supervisors the ability to virtually monitor every interaction, whisper suggestions, and barge-in when necessary, ensuring quality will never suffer as the result of geographic dispersion. Learn More

Real-Time Agent Monitoring

Using 3CLogic’s Supervisor Dashboard, managers can view all contact center activities (which agents are logged-in, on a call, wrapping up a call, on break, etc.) in real-time and from any location to ensure operations are running smoothly, and resources are being used efficiently. Learn More

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Your contact center’s security should not suffer as a result of enabling remote agents—and by deploying 3CLogic’s advanced cloud platform, it doesn’t have to. With the ability to record all calls and agent screens, encrypt recordings, mask sensitive payment information, and create TCPA projects, protect your customers, agents, and business from unlawful interactions. Learn More

Streamlined Workflow Management

Using 3CLogic’s cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and skills-based routing tools, mold your telephony platform to preexisting business workflows and automatically route customers to the agent best fit to meet their needs, no matter the employee’s location.

Consistent Service Delivery

To ensure your geographically dispersed agents are adhering to company protocol and customer expectations, offer visual cues and scripts for them to follow during calls and mandate the collection of certain data fields, effectively unifying your company message/service delivery. Learn More

Agent Performance Insights

To measure the overall success of your remote employees, 3CLogic’s advanced Athena reporting engine enables supervisors to quickly create customized reports, graphs and KPIs based on their day-to-day activities with a simple click-drag-and drop, giving your contact center the insights it needs to keep performance on track.

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