Today, customer experience is just as important as the product itself, but without proper oversight and controls, how can it be ensured? With 3CLogic, gain the tools and insight to monitor interactions, offer suggestions, and intervene when necessary to deliver best in class customer service from anywhere in the world.

3CLogic's Quality Management

Even the best may need a helping hand. Guide customer service representatives to deliver, no matter the situation.
  • PCI, TCPA, and HIPPA Compliant
  • Automatic Call/Screen Recording
  • Virtual Monitor and Assist
  • Dynamic Scripting Capabilities
  • Supervisor Dashboard
  • Advanced Reporting Engine
  • Call Encryption
3CLogic's IVR Solution

Always on Point

Silently monitor every interaction

With 3CLogic’s advanced silent monitor tool, enable supervisors to listen in on any call from any location in real-time, without the agent knowing, to ensure every customer interaction is in-line with company goals and client expectations.

Supervisory Barge-In

In the event an interaction requires supervisory intervention, enable supervisors to virtually “barge-in” to immediately assist and resolve any pending issues an agent may be unable to fulfill, facilitating the success of every interaction.

Dynamic Scripting

Using 3CLogic’s advanced call center solutions, automatically populate agent screens with dynamic scripts and prompts to follow during every interaction, facilitating adherence to company protocol, and industry compliance standards. 
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Evaluate Agent Performance

With 3CLogic’s advanced Athena Reporting engine, easily create custom reports highlighting KPIs and metrics relevant to your contact center and its unique needs to ensure agent are in line with company goals while meeting customer expectations. Learn More 

Facilitate TCPA Compliance

Using 3CLogic’s TCPA friendly dialing platform, set call time restrictions and prohibit agents from manually or auto-dialing individuals included in a “TCPA enabled project”, mitigating the risk of unlawful interactions. Learn More 

Virtually offer assistance to agents

In the event an agent needs coaching and assistance, offer supervisors the ability to virtually whisper suggestions, without the customer hearing, to ensure a successful and streamlined customer experience—every time.

Automatic Call and Screen Recording

To ensure agents are following company protocol, remaining compliant with industry standards, and delivering an exceptional customer experience, automatically record every call as well as the agent’s screen and store for future reference.

Monitor Agent Activities in Real-Time

Using 3CLogic’s supervisor dashboard, easily monitor all of your contact center’s activities in real-time, including which reps are logged in, on a call, finishing a call, and more, to ensure daily operations are running smoothly and agents are on track. Learn More 

Facilitate PCI Compliance

To facilitate compliance with PCI DSS standards, automatically silence/play white noise when sensitive payment information is being shared, transfer customers to an IVR for credit card input, and encrypt call recordings stored for later retrieval.Learn More 

Representative Guidance Made Simple

Witness how our dynamic scripting engine can improve your contact center's performance


3CLogic - Scripting Overview Demo