Inbound Call Center Solution

In a world short on time but high on expectations, your contact center has never been more important. At 3CLogic, we understand what makes a contact center work, so we have designed our inbound call center software to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Take your business to the next level with our skills-based routing, automated call distribution, advanced CRM integration features, and more.

Keep pace with your Customers.

Customer needs are always changing. Make sure you have the right tools and resources to keep up.
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Inbound Call Center Features

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menu:

Recognize the importance of your customers’ time with an advanced and intuitive IVR platform capable of facilitating self-servicing or quickly gathering client information prior to any interaction.
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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

Set, manage, and adjust call priorities to automatically ensure the most urgent inquiries are always answered first.
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Call Recording and Playback:

Maintain quality control standards across your entire call center with 3CLogic’s user-friendly call recording and playback features.

Dynamic Screen Pop:

Run a more efficient team with automatic and instant access to client records from your lead management, CRM, Workforce Management, or Ticketing solution for every inbound call.


With 3CLogic’s advanced reporting tools, customize and filter your call center’s data into meaningful reports, graphs, and statistics. Learn More

PBX Configuration:

Finally a one-stop-shop for all your voice needs. With 3CLogic, enjoy the best of both worlds with our complete cloud based contact center solution seamlessly configured with your PBX solution to meet all your back office requirements.
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Whisper and Barge-In:

Give supervisors the power to virtually “whisper” suggestions or jump into the conversation whenever a rep is in need of assistance. Learn More

Skills-Based Routing (SBR):

3CLogic’s advanced skills-based routing tool directs each customer to the rep best fit to meet his/her needs, better optimizing your workforce and enhancing the customer experience. Learn More

Real-Time Dashboard:

Keep service, support, and sales initiatives on-track with the ability to monitor rep presence, campaign performance, and other KPIs in real-time. Learn More

What matters to your
inbound contact center?


A true cloud solution hosted on Amazon Web Services, 3CLogic provides businesses on-demand delivery of IT resources using a simple and convenient pay-per-use model. Eliminate capacity restrictions, reduce IT costs, and enjoy faster contact center deployments, while unleashing the full power of cloud. Learn More


Keep your contact center compliant and in-line with accepted industry practices, while adhering to the highest security standards with 3CLogic’s complete cloud contact center solution. Learn More


With 3CLogic’s next-generation distributed architecture, remove single points of failure, avoid server capacity restrictions, and eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks. Your contact center—always up and running. Learn More


Allow your contact center to enhance the solutions you already use with 3CLogic’s advanced CRM, ticketing, and Workforce Management integrations, facilitating your agents’ ability to deliver timely and superior customer interactions. Learn More

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