Email in the Contact Center

Automatically direct emails into the contact center for immediate assistance.

Manage Customer Emails with Ease

In an environment where 77% of consumers want to use 3 or more channels during a single transaction, maintaining cross-channel communications has become absolutely essential—but no longer has to be a hurdle. With 3CLogic’s multichannel communications platform and state-of-the-art email flow designer, manage all client information and communications from a single streamlined platform and address every email in the most efficient and effective manner.

3CLogic - Email for Customer Service

Intelligent Routing of Inbound Emails

Automatically direct emails from any address (sales, service, info, etc.) to an agent in any desired campaign or department to ensure every lead or customer is properly managed and followed up with in a timely manner.

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Customizable Email Flow Designer

Based on pre-determined rules (who an email is to, who an email is from, email subject, time of day, etc.), automatically trigger any desired action (send an email, send a text message, place in queue for a call, treat as high priority, update lead field, discard, etc.), ensuring every email is handled in the most appropriate manner.

  • Direct Emails to the most qualified agent/department
  • Prioritization of emails based on urgency
  • Route emails based on pre-determined keywords
  • Prevent spam from being sent to the queue
  • Trigger automated follow-up emails/texts
  • Direct existing customers to specified projects
  • Automate after-hour responses
3CLogic - Customizable Email Flow Designer
Email Flow Designer

Multichannel Communication Platform

Manage all client records, communication channels ( voice, email, text, chat, social media), historical emails and interactions from a single streamlined interface to provide agents maximum insight into each client and their preferences, while enhancing the overall customer experience.

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3CLogic - Multichannel Communication Platform

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